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MeetMax is a full-featured conference platform, with a special focus on 1x1 meeting programs.

Events run your way

MeetMax has the flexibility and features to manage any event format. Our technical services team will help you implement and support technology solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Add a 1x1 Meeting Program

Face to face meetings are where business gets done - and they're what sponsors, exhibitors and attendees value enough to travel across the country for. An effective meetings program takes your event from a should-attend to a must-attend.

Save time and money

MeetMax is a fully-integrated platform with everything you need from registration through your live event. Run your whole program on a single platform, simplify your workflow, and make it easier for your attendees and sponsors.

MeetMax has all the features you need:

  • Attendee Registration
  • Company/Exhibitor Registration
  • Payments Integration
  • In-Person & Virtual 1x1 Meetings
  • In-Person & Virtual Agendas
  • Floor Plans & Booth Buying
  • Registered Activities
  • Onsite Technologies
  • Customized Branding
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Hotel Blocks

In-Person and Virtual 1x1 Meetings

Whether you are running an Investor Conference, a Business Exchange, a Capital Intro, or a Hosted Buyer 1x1 program - MeetMax can configure the software to meet your event needs.

  • Onsite? Virtual? Hybrid? No problem! MeetMax has been used to manage meeting location assignment at in-person events for nearly two decades and has now also developed into an industry-leading platform for world-class virtual events as well.
  • Host Scheduling Tools: Our admin scheduling utilities have evolved over nearly 20 years of client-focused product development, they are battle-hardened and second to none in saving our clients time and maximizing the number of meetings scheduled at their events.
  • Request Rules: built-in support for allowing simple or complex rules around who can submit requests, who they can issue requests to, and what control they have over scheduling.
  • Meeting Moderation: whether your event is fully moderated and scheduled by administrators, or completely unmoderated with end-users requesting and scheduling their own meetings, or anywhere in between: we've got you covered.
  • Scheduling Automation: harness the power of batch processing and schedule hundreds of meetings in a matter of minutes.

In-Person and Virtual Agendas

  • Build an elegant agenda for all of your sessions.
  • Filter by session tracks and let attendees add presentations to their personalized schedule.
  • Display in a grid view for multi-track events or a detailed list view with presenter headshots.
  • Leverage responsive design for easy access from any type of device.
  • Enjoy integrated webinars with MeetMax video broadcast and production services.

Onsite Technologies

Once onsite, MeetMax is still there to support your event and save you time.

  • MeetMax Onsite Registration / Badging for effortless, efficient, on-demand badge-printing.
  • MeetMax Scantracker to track attendance - and watch it happen real-time in your MeeMax event.
  • MeetMax LeadTracker lets exhibitors scan visitors for leads.
  • MeetMax Mobile App lets you offer a fully-integrated mobile experience onsite with ease.
  • MeetMax Event Services helps you staff your registration desk, or supervise your 1x1 meetings.
  • MeetMax AV and Webcasting divisions will produce and capture your sessions.

Attendee Registration

  • Create as simple or complex a registration form as you need.
  • Craft workflows and user experiences for different attendee types.
  • Design and send branded invitations to your list of invitees.
  • Leverage powerful integration with common CRM systems like Salesforce™.
  • Public registration links, exclusive invitee validation, two-step approval processes.

Company, Sponsor, and Exhibitor Registration

  • Company registration tools, fully integrated with all the other MeetMax features.
  • Offer different sponsorship packages.
  • Allow exhibitors to select booths from an interactive floor plan.
  • Manage company rep registration with rules for included passes based on package type.
  • Easy-to-use tools for 1x1 Meeting management.
  • All without having to use a different platform for Companies!

Payments Integration

  • Set up as many ticket types as you need.
  • Enforce date and capacity contraints, issue discount codes with a specific number of uses.
  • Set up invoice add-ons with ease with form rule pricing.
  • Use built-in feature functionality for separating out handling fees.
  • Collect payments using your own™ or PayFlow™ payment gateway.
  • Open a Stripe™ account and integrate with MeetMax in minutes.
  • Have MeetMax receive the payments and remit them to you.

Floor Plans & Booth Buying

  • Use our built-in editor to design your venue-specific floor plan.
  • Assign exhibitors yourself, or let them select their own with an interactive show floor.
  • Provide attendees an interactive show floor to see where their favorite exhibitors will be, and click on booths to open extended exhibitor profiles.

Customized Branding

MeetMax is a white-label platform, ready for adaptation to your unique brand. From custom HTML email invitations, schedules, and reminders to attendee-facing web app pages and straight through to onsite with your badges, digital signage, and printed schedules - MeetMax has the tools and support to help you reinforce your identity across the entire event life cycle.

Flexible Reporting

Build and save custom reports of event data, then share them with other event hosts. Or take advantage of many powerful canned reports already available from day one. Or perhaps your IT team wants to leverage the MeetMax API services to pull on-demand engagement reporting. MeetMax puts business inteligence in your hands with ease.

Registered Activities

  • Track sign-ups for workshops, roundtables, dinners, or other non-session event activities.
  • Assign pricing and/or capacity constraints.
  • Limit activity registration to specific attendee types.
  • Activity sign-ups can be displayed on user schedules right alongside other personalized event content.

Hotel Blocks

  • Manage one or more hotel room blocks with ease.
  • Assign capacity contraints to block sizes.
  • Gather check-in and check-out dates, room preferences, and other reservation data.
  • Easily download hotel reservation data from MeetMax or set up a direct integration with hotels using Passkey™.

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