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World class webinar production & broadcast services.

20 years of reliable, high-quality webcasting

Over two decades of service we have built a business out of being a trusted partner to event hosts across the globe, producing and distributing tens of thousands of webcasts each year.

Dedicated video production and webcasting team

Our large team of experienced production and broadcast professionals work with you to craft high quality, tailored content delivery with the highest standards of customer service.

Seamless virtual and onsite video production

MeetMax seamlessly transitions our clients from in-person conferences to virtual events, and is paving the way with solutions for hybrid events.

Your complete webcasting solution

  • Onsite events
  • Virtual events
  • Hybrid events
  • Robust production services
  • Branded webinar pages
  • Seamless MeetMax integration
  • Detailed viewership reporting
  • Audience Q&A
  • Replay storage & distribution
  • Scalable & globally accessible
  • Reg FD compliance
  • Cross device compatibility

Onsite events

We have been webcasting large Conferences for more than 20 years. Reliably dispatching an on-site crew to capture the sessions digitally and make them available to remote parties, or for replays.

Onsite webcasting is now moving primarily from audio to video webcasting, as a direct consequence of virtual events shifting the bar on what is expected. We have a large team of experienced camera operators and encoders who are ready to webcast events anywhere in the world.

Virtual events

MeetMax was able to stream sessions for Virtual Events as soon as they became required. Production is different, with our video techs managing webinar environments to extract the best video feeds for sessions.

Those feeds in turn are presented to viewers as webcast pages rich in client graphics, and functionality such as Q&A and Technical Help. Even polling can be elegantly integrated into sessions - not as a separate task.

For the maximum impact on viewers, we have developed a range of presentation styles, from the simply branded, to more exciting 3D dynamic environments that involve shifting camera angles and a sense of immersion.

Hybrid events

Our vast experience in onsite and virtual settings allow us to seamlessly offer the best version of hybrid event Webcasting. In-person attendees will see and engage with all Speakers - whether the speakers are onsite or remote.

Remote presenters are captured in a virtual production setting and relayed into the room onsite. Remote attendees will enjoy a seamless consistent experience for all sessions, as IIn-person speakers and panels are video webcast to the remote audience.

And mixed panel sessions, involving both In-person and Remote presenters are skillfully mixed to provide a unified Webcast session for a remote viewer, while In-person attendees see remote presenters on a separate screen in the room.

Robust production services

From pre-production design and setup through to your live event, we have a large team of seasoned production experts who will be working to help you craft the highest quality content.

Each event is assigned a Producer and each track of sessions has at least two Production Technicians to ensure redundancy and reliability in the case of network issues.

The Speaker Ready Technicians work with your presenters to ensure they are well-prepared, including with backup plans for local connection issues on their end.

During your live virtual events the Producer - along with a MeetMax Event Coordinator - are stationed in the live war room which clients are encouraged to join for the day.

For live onsite events these same staff will be right there with you to help oversee production and manage any issues which may arise.

Customizable webinar pages

Our pre-production staff will work with you on crafting the webinar player pages to match your brand and desired aesthetic.

Looking for an auditorium background? Or perhaps something topical for your event? Or maybe you have your own graphic and just want us to drop that in for you? No problem!

This page can be made to match the branding of your MeetMax conference site, or given it's own specific design just for people viewing the webinar content.

Seamless MeetMax integration

Connecting your webcasts to MeetMax presentation sessions is quick and easy. Once you've built your agenda in MeetMax and the webinar links have been generated it's a fast, simple process to import and assign those links to each presentation.

MeetMax also offers refined access control over your streamed content, ensuring that only those who are logged in to the system can view it.

Event attendees can click the webinar links from the session agenda to open the standalone webinar player in a new page, or they can visit a live webcast player right in their MeetMax account which allows them to craft a tailored playlist for the day's content.

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