Release Notes

Release 46.0 - January 2022

Category Title Description
Meetings Importing Meetings from Outside MeetMax

Many event hosts come to find out about MeetMax as an engaging front-end for virtual events with industry-leading meeting concierge services, or our powerful integration with onsite services like badging/RFID and webcasting, well after they've already scheduled meetings in another platform.

This new feature allows you to take a structured list of meetings in a spreadsheet and import them to MeetMax in a matter of minutes. It is primarily for non-MeetMax clients, or Events not using MeetMax for registration and meetings, to enable their clients to enjoy the MeetMax virtual event portal, 1x1 Meeting concierge, webcasting and mobile app.

Registration One-to-Many Sales Rep Coverage

Capital markets attendees are covered by multiple sales reps, and these coverage groups are increasingly ad-hoc in composition. All of the coverage team would like to see emails of Meeting Schedules and meeting changes for clients. In our latest iteration of this feature functionality, we've added a new field "Client Reps" which can be added to the form and allows event hosts to tie multiple additional contacts to an attendee or company record in MeetMax. This is intended to help clients for whom the previous Client Rep Group coverage model was too rigid, by providing a more fluid ability to any combination of client reps to an account.

Webcasting Expanding upon Live Webcasts to include Replay Webcasts

This is an exciting new feature which builds upon the recently developed Live Webcasts page, now replacing it with the Webcasts page that will provide the same interactive playlist of live webcasts - but now also provide a tab for accessing replay webcast sessions as well. The replay sessions will be displayed in alphabetical order by their session title (as opposed to chronological order like the live sessions) and will also include a search bar to help your users quickly find just the session they were looking for.

Webcasting Expanding Webcast Viewership Reporting

When we first developed our integration with accessing webinars through MeetMax, we developed a simple attendance tracking system which detected whether an attendee clicked through to join that session during it's scheduled live airtime. Meanwhile, the webcasting team was already collecting more detailed attendance tracking data themselves. We've expanded our integration with MeetMax webcasting tools to now include that more detailed attendance reporting within the event management software. In addition to providing more accurate counts of who joined a webcast session, we now have the ability to see who is watching a webcast right now. We're also now capturing the duration of time which somebody spent watching a webcast, so you can add this to your reporting as well as use it for filtering the list of webcast viewers.

UI/UX Improvements Applying a custom sort order to Company Reps

A long-time and popular request, we've implemented a new feature which allows event hosts to manually override the display order or company reps where they are shown in the system. By default, company reps are alpha ordered by last name in MeetMax. This feature is for the companies who want to make sure that their CEO is displayed before their IR Manager on schedules, the presentation grid, and anywhere else that company reps are displayed to other event participants.

Registration Introducing matrix registration form fields

While working with some clients in the hosted buyer space, we noticed a recurring theme where there were a series of questions being asked with an offering of uniform responses. For example, a series of "products" and a standardized "level of interest" response across each product. Historically, in MeetMax this may have required a single form field with your list of products in it - and then just as many additional fields as you have products (in order to capture the level of interest for each one). With these new matrix fields you can capture all of that same data within a single field on the registration form. This has the added benefit of allowing for more detailed filtering and easier-to-read profiles.

Registration Simpler implementation of the included vs. paid company reps model

This new feature allows the event host to set a company-level credit for some number of free company reps, with subsequent company rep registrations incurring a preset fee per registrant. Currently in MeetMax we achieve this by way of having two different registration types and establishing an "initial" registration type for company reps, and then a "subsequent" type. However, this new feature is far more explicit about simply indicating how many reps should be included as part of the company's registration without the need for setting up additional complexity with new registration types.

Registration An Evolution on Company Invitee Registration

MeetMax hosts have been importing company records and sending out the "company registration invite" for years. This process resulted in all of those companies being imported as active companies - shown by default in the public-facing company list and the meeting requests page. We've had many requests from users to have a separate company invitation module, similar to what we already have in place for attendees. We've implemented exactly that! Import a list of companies as invitees (with one or more associated company contacts) and then send out invites from MeetMax or send out invites from your own system and send them to the universal invitee lookup page - which works for any of the company contact emails. Confirmed companies go into the company list, declines stay in the invite list where you can track responses and send invitation reminders to those who have not responded..

Meetings Linking to Profiles from Meeting Schedules

Over the years clients have asked if different bits of information could be shared in the body of client schedules. We found through many iterations of customizations that this practice often made the schedule content too busy and less easy to read. But of course attendees understandably want to know more about with whom they are meeting. So we've added the ability for event hosts to link attendee/company profiles in meetings, accessible in both the web-app and emailed schedules.

Meetings Adding Email Me as a meeting follow-up option

From the Meeting List page on the admin interface, even hosts can click the Location link to a virtual meeting and use the CallMe and TextMe features to check in with attendees, often times as a mechanism to chase down no-shows to a given meeting. This latest update also displays an EmailMe button which opens up a dialog to quickly send a pre-configured email with the pertinent meeting details.

Presentations More consistently displaying presentations across all schedules

In this latest release, we've made the display of presentations more consistent across records within an entity-attendee (Company/Company Rep) relationship. Specifically, we've covered three previously unaddressed used cases.

  • showing the presentations of a parent entity (company) on the schedules of non-presenting company representatives
  • showing the presentations of a child (company rep) on the schedules of their parent company
  • showing the presentations of the sibling children (colleague company reps) on one another's schedules

The aim of this is to ensure consistency in conveying this information across all team members of any given company, regardless of which level (or account) they choose to log in as.

Meetings Copying Client Reps on Meeting Change notification emails

When you're in the Edit Meeting dialog box, many event hosts know that you can already set the "send email" drop-down to "Yes" in order to send a notification of the changed meeting details to the participants. This new feature adds the ability to include the associated Client Reps (Sales Reps, Company Tracking) for each participant in the meeting.

Registration Copying Client Reps on Registration Confirmation emails

Event hosts can now use a few settings in the Enable Features menu to have Client Reps (Sales Reps, Company Tracking) copied in on registration confirmation and approval notification emails.

Registration Allowing for Form Rules exemptions for Admin users

For our clients who are using more advanced Form Rules logic on their registration forms, this new feature allows you to indicate whether a rule should be applied on the end-user view of the form, the admin view of the form, or both versions of the form. The intention here is to give the same type of flexibility we have on field visibility and requirement within the main form editor, but applied to the advanced form rule logic. This helps to reduce friction when an event host wants to quickly add in a new record on the back-end but still have the end-users subjected to these interactive display/requirement rules.

Messaging Sharing vCards in MeetMax Messaging

For unmoderated events, where end-users are sending messages and meeting requests to one another through in-application messaging, they will now be able to include an attached vCard (.vcf) digital business card file. Prior to sending their notifications they will be able to select which fields are included in the file, such as their title and/or email and/or telephone, etc. These files are typically opened and stored in Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

UI/UX Improvements Profile content visibility controlled by role

MeetMax already allows event hosts to control which profile fields are visible to each role from the profile form editor, but this new feature allows you to control whether the Press Releases and/or Product Gallery sections are displayed based upon the role of the profile viewer themselves.

Reporting Adding distinction between Declined and Deleted requests

For events which either allow end-users to decline inbound requests, or events where the event hosts are manually indicating that a request is declined to intentionally ignore it from future scheduling, we've updated the Status column in the Meeting Requests list/report page to distinguish these declined (from the target perspective) requests separately from requests which are deleted (from the source perspective).

Information Security Annual Penetration Testing

We've just finished our annual system infrastrucutre and web application penetration testing with BreachLock, recertifying our software's security. An executive summary of this report is available to clients upon request, please contact for more information.

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